A large group of govt MPs are prepared to cross over – Lakshman Kiriella

A large group of govt MPs are prepared to cross over – Lakshman Kiriella

Written by Bella Dalima

02 Oct, 2014 | 9:18 pm

United National Party Parliamentarian Lakshman Kiriella speaking at the Nawalapitiya Bala Mandala Meeting on Wednesday said that a group of MPs from the government are prepared to crossover to the UNP.

UNP MP, Lakshman Kiriella shared these views:

[quote]The government is faced with an issue of taking a final decision because once the elections are announced, a large group of Alliance MPs are in waiting to cross over. We cannot walk down a parliament corridor in peace. There are ten or fifteen persons waiting at every step we take. Then may be 25 at times. We can easily get fifteen people to our side following discussions. This is the situation in Parliament. We cannot say what will happen. Madame Chandrika is also waiting. She wants the party.[/quote]

Opposition Leader of Eastern Provincial Council, Daya Gamage expressed these views:

[quote]Like MP Kiriella said, many of those from the SLFP including cabinet ministers, wish to join with the United National Party. A total of around 58 persons wish to join us.[/quote]

UNP’s Nawalapitiya Electorate Organiser, Ananda Aluthgamage said:

[quote]It is Mahindananda who has brought disrepute to you. We are protecting the faith you have placed in us. No matter what situation we face or what facilities we lack, we have never fallen to such state. I do not take any allowances from the Pradeshiya Sabha. Therefore, Mahindananda and I are like the earth and the sky. Yesterday, on the news MP Anura Kumara revealed something. I heard it on the news. I will be the one who stops Mahindananda’s embezzlement. I will steer the United National Party and I create a situation where Mahindananda will not be able to step on to the road.[/quote]



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