Ruwan Wijewardena on why he resigned from UNP-affiliated NYF

Ruwan Wijewardena on why he resigned from UNP-affiliated NYF

Written by Bella Dalima

23 Sep, 2014 | 8:03 pm

At a media briefing convened on Tuesday, Parliamentarian Ruwan Wijewardena explained why he took the decision to resign from the UNP-affiliated National Youth Front.

He expressed the following views:

[quote]The main factor that should be stressed on in Harin Fernando’s victory is the fact that he sacrificed his Parliamentary seat and all the benefits that he gets from the position that he held, all for his people in Badulla, for the people of Uva and most importantly. for the Party. He took up that challenge and contested the Provincial Council Election. So, because of this sacrifice and the immense service that he has rendered to the party, I believe that he deserves a certain position in this party. So. thereby at the Working Committee meeting today, I propose that I resign from the position of Chairman of the National Youth Front and that it be given to Harin Fernando. I love this party from the bottom of heart and I would never leave it. I am even ready to sacrifice my position in the Leadership Council, at any given time.[/quote]


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