Uva PC Elections: Police, laws and happenings under review

Uva PC Elections: Police, laws and happenings under review

Written by Staff Writer

09 Sep, 2014 | 9:35 pm

Discussions were held in Moneragala on Tuesday regarding the Uva Election involving public officials, officials from the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka and the Elections Commissioner.

The Commissioner informed public officials to ensure that they implement election laws fairly. Several views were expressed at the discussion.

Senior DIG of Uva Province, Roshan Fernando:

“The Elections Commissioner informed Police Headquarters last night of an incident that had occurred on the morning of the day before yesterday. He said that white Defenders with no license plates were roaming around the area. Last night, a team including my officers and I, engaged in an operation throughout the night in the Moneragala District.”

He added: “ We were looking for these Defenders. I am disappointed to say that we did not even see one Defender. Those who make allegations say the Defenders are white or black. We are carrying out the instructions given to us by the Elections Commissioner. We will continue our duties under him until the 20th of this month.”

Elections Commissioner, Mahinda Deshapriya;

“There is a story that either we swim together or drown together. We cannot drown together. Therefore, we must all swim together. We must go under the leadership of the Inspector General of Police and the two district secretaries. All I do is write down instructions on paper. As a gentlemen from a certain party said, it is possible that all I am is a postman.”

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