Sirasa Shakthi Sahana Yathra – water, food and concern to show that we care

Sirasa Shakthi Sahana Yathra – water, food and concern to show that we care

Sirasa Shakthi Sahana Yathra – water, food and concern to show that we care

Written by Bella Dalima

02 Sep, 2014 | 8:34 pm

The Sirasa Shakthi Sahana Yathra initiative organised to provide much-needed relief to the drought-stricken people of the country has received immense praise from society as a whole.

Three aid convoys made their way from Colombo to Ampara, Polonnaruwa and Kilinochchi, carrying the mountain of contributions that bore testament to the generosity and sensitivity of the Sri Lankan people.

Over two million people have been affected by the drought which has persisted for more than nine months. These people had been driven to despair, having no money left as a result of being unable to cultivate for two to three seasons.

Being unable to witness their suffering any longer, The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited took the initiative to bring much-needed aid to these people, involving good samaritans from all over the country.

Aid packages were distributed among the drought-affected people at several villages in the Damana and Uhana administrative divisions including Kimbirigolla, Kahatagasyaya, Lathugala, Bokkabedda and Piyangala.

The people of Raja Rata, who have been blessed with a hundred reservoirs, suffered immensely as a result of the drought. The Sahana Yathra convoy which made its way to Polonnaruwa, began distributing aid to the  drought-stricken people in areas including Medirigiriya and Diyasenpura, following a meeting at the Medirigirya Divisional Secretariat.

The persisting drought also affected people in Kilinochchi. At a time when they too had fallen to the depths of despair, the Sirasa Shakthi Sahana Yathra, strengthened with contributions of people from across the country, brought a light to their eyes.

In additions to the generous public, numerous entities also came forward to support this initiative.

A large group including S-Lon Lanka Private Limited, Kevilton Electrical Products Private Limited, PE Plus Private Limited, ICL Marketing Private Limited, Tuffline Limited, Harcros Chemicals Private Limited, AF Jones Exports Lanka Private Limited, the Hidramani Group, Maliban Milk Products Private Limited and American Premium Water Systems Private Limited, came forward at this time of dire need.














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