Three years without water – villagers of Bendiyawela live in hope

Three years without water – villagers of Bendiyawela live in hope

Written by Staff Writer

26 Aug, 2014 | 10:08 pm

The village of Bendiyawela was established under the village broadening scheme in 1968, on 224 acres of land gifted by  C.P. De Silva. About 800 people from 150 families, live in the village.

Bendiyawela is a rural village in the Medirigirya Administrative Division. The villagers rely on agriculture for their livelihood.

A resident of the area expressed  views:

“There has been no water for three years. There is no waterway bringing water from the reservoir. We cultivate chenas with rainwater and for three years now there has been no rain. We haven’t had a grain of rice at home since 2011.”

The people have been affected by  three year log drought and are now facing not only a drinking water shortage but also a never-ending struggle to survive.

The villagers have placed containers at various locations in order to collect rainwater.

The villagers note that a drinking water scheme has never been introduced for the village since the day it was established. The people note that although they participated in road reconstruction work in the recent past as part of the conditions for receiving drought relief and point out tha t they have not received that money yet either.

These villagers spend their days, hoping, that they will all receive at least a drop of water tomorrow.

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