President Rajapaksa attends Chief Justices Round Table on Environmental Justice

President Rajapaksa attends Chief Justices Round Table on Environmental Justice

Written by Bella Dalima

08 Aug, 2014 | 10:04 pm

The Third South Asian Chief Justices Round table on Environmental Justice, jointly hosted by Sri Lanka and the Asian Development Bank was held at the Central Bank Auditorium on Friday morning under the auspices of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

The event was attended by eminent personalities representing a broad spectrum of public officials, public representatives, policy makers, representatives of the judiciary from across the SAARC region, and foreign dignitaries.

At the event, the President shared the following views:

[quote]There appears to be an urgent need to accelerate progress in strengthening judicial knowledge and competence in environmental rule of law, in the SAARC region. As a contribution from Sri Lanka towards this noble endeavour, I shall be happy, if you so decide, to provide start-up institutional and financial support to establish a small but efficient entity in the Office of the Chief Justice of Sri Lanka to work with UNEP and ADB and other competent organizations, to initiate and coordinate judicial capacity building activities within the SAARC region.[/quote]

Speaking further, President Rajapaksa expressed the following views:

[quote]There must be consistency and evenness in the application of international and national laws. This means that there cannot be, and must never be, double standards in the application and interpretation of laws by courts and international organizations. It is a matter of grave concern and much regret that we are witnessing today far too many instances of the deliberate – even arrogant – violation of this fundamental principle of justice and the rule of law by some agencies within and outside the United Nations. The consequence of such unjust and unfair actions…can only be the absolute negation of justice and the rule of law, and complete loss of faith and trust in the international system of justice.[/quote]



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