Deadly Ebola virus-infected patient lands in the US (Video)

Deadly Ebola virus-infected patient lands in the US (Video)

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03 Aug, 2014 | 8:03 am

A US doctor infected with the deadly Ebola virus in Liberia has arrived in the US for treatment at a specialised unit in Atlanta, Georgia.Dr Kent Brantly arrived in a specially equipped private plane at a military base before being whisked away to Emory University Hospital.

Fellow infected US aid worker Nancy Writebol is expected to follow shortly. Ebola has claimed 728 lives in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone this year, killing up to 90% of sufferers. The virus spreads through human contact with a sufferer’s bodily fluids.

Initial flu-like symptoms can lead to external haemorrhaging from areas like eyes and gums, and internal bleeding which can lead to organ failure. The US health authorities have warned against travelling to the African states affected and 50 extra American specialists are being sent to affected areas.

The plane carrying Dr Brantly was outfitted with a special portable tent designed for transporting patients with highly infectious diseases.

After it touched down at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, the patient was collected by an ambulance which drove him to Emory, 15 miles (24km) away.

At the hospital,  a person in protective clothing could be seen climbing down from the back of the ambulance and a second person in protective clothing appeared to take his gloved hands and guide him toward a building, the Associated Press report.

US officials say they are confident the patients can be treated without putting the public in any danger.

Source: BBC


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