Tenth Annual Forum for Asian Radio Broadcasters commences

Tenth Annual Forum for Asian Radio Broadcasters commences

Written by Bella Dalima

22 May, 2014 | 10:11 pm

The tenth Annual Forum for Asian Radio Broadcasters known as Radio Asia 2014 commenced in Colombo on Thursday.

The conference is being organised by the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union and is being hosted by MTV and MBC.

Radio Asia 2014 brings together specialists in the broadcast sector from many parts of the world including countries such Australia, the United Kingdom, Romania, Japan and Singapore.

The forum which began on Thursday  under the theme It’s all about content: Positioning new radio in the knowledge society .. will go on till May 24.

Secretary General of ABU, Dr Javad Mottaghi expressed these views:

“Sri Lanka has an illustrious history in radio broadcasting, being home to one of the oldest radio stations in this region. It is fitting that the 10th Annual Forum for Asian Radio Broadcasters, Radio Asia 2014 should be held in Colombo. I thank MBC for hosting this unique international media conference. As mobile devices and laptops get increasingly integrated through a multimedia environment, traditional radio content and delivery via medium wave, short wave and FM should undergo rapid change. Our obligation as broadcasters is to offer an innovative creative content and to be the voice of people and to act as a meeting place for the audience to express themselves..”

Chief Operating Officer of The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited, Sashi Rajamahendran shared these thoughts:

“Today we stand as Sri Lanka’s leading and most dynamic media network. And at the advent of a knowledge society, MBC, our radio operation are fully geared to play its role. The most valuable capital of a knowledge society is an idea. Whether it be political, economic or financial, and radio is a powerful instrument to communicate it. No other tool has the means to reach as far in times of crisis, the ease of use, the affordability to listen, the ability to empower a person and the power to mediate the truth between government and society. As we stand on the threshold of the exciting and the unknown, conferences such as this will spur this industry into greater heights, where our audience and technology will drive us to constantly innovate and challenge ourselves to meet the evolving needs of our knowledge society…”

Group Director of Electronic Media Business, The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited, Nedra Weerasinghe expressed views:

“All of you from across the commercial and public service broadcasting spectrum have come here to share exciting new ideas which enable radio to continue to reinvent itself to meet the requirements of the changing audience’s environment. In this exchange of ideas it is hoped to establish standards and manage a creative climate where people are self motivated towards the mastery of long term constructive goals to develop the industry we are operating. I hope through this experience – Radio Asia 2014 – you will be able to take something back with you to whichever organisation you represent..”

Secretary to the Ministry of Mass Media and Information, Charitha Herath was also present at the occasion.

He shared these following views:

“We are now planning to digitalise the television broadcasting sector in the near future. We have been engaging with many expertise and experts and consultation process to finalize the national platform for us to consider. I am happy to say that in coming weeks we are going to declare the national platform for television digitisation..”

Meanwhile, radio workshops organised in line with Radio Asia 2014 commenced in Colombo on Thursday morning. The workshops were conducted by distinguished facilitators from both Sri Lanka and overseas.

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