Mother who killed her children returns to South London home

Mother who killed her children returns to South London home

Mother who killed her children returns to South London home

Written by Bella Dalima

08 May, 2014 | 4:22 pm

A mother who killed her two children while suffering from postnatal depression has been seen at her £1.5million home with the husband who stood by her throughout the tragedy.

Jewellery designer Felicia Boots suffocated the couple’s ten-week-old son Mason and 14-month-old daughter Lily days after the family had moved into their new home in south west London, in May 2012.

Boots, 36 was suffering postnatal depression at the time and was under the delusion that her children were about to be taken away from her by social services.

She was spared jail when she was sentenced at the Old Bailey in London, and was instead detained in a psychiatric hospital until doctors deemed her fit for release.

At the time, a judge said a prison sentence would be ‘wholly inappropriate’. Justice Fulford, who described Boots as ‘someone who delighted in being a mother’ had also told the court: ‘This is an almost indescribably sad case.’

‘Although the results of Mrs Boots’s actions were profoundly tragic given the loss of two young lives, what occurred was not criminal activity in the sense that expression is normally understood.

‘I unreservedly accept that what she did to the two children, that she and her husband loved and nurtured, were the results of physical and biological factors beyond her control.’

Now, nearly two years after the tragedy, the 36-year-old has been seen in the neighbourhood where the incident occurred with her banker husband Jeff, 36

Residents in the area, known as ‘Nappy Valley’ because of its popularity with young, rich families, were surprised to see the couple return, but pleased that their lives looked to be getting back on track.

One neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, told : ‘People thought she’d never return because the memories must be awful, but we’re pleased that she appears to be recovering.’



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