‘We’re tilting’: Cell phone video on South Korea ferry captures uncertainty on board

‘We’re tilting’: Cell phone video on South Korea ferry captures uncertainty on board

Written by Staff Writer

28 Apr, 2014 | 2:47 pm

“Wow, it’s tilting a lot. We’re tilting to this side. Can’t move.”

“You think I’m really gonna die?”

“What’s going on?”

These are the voices of some of the people on the Sewol ferry as it began to sink off the southwestern coast of South Korea on April 16. A teenage boy on the vessel captured these desperate moments on cell phone video, according to South Korean national TV network JTBC.

The teen’s father gave the network the footage after authorities recovered his son’s body and found the cell phone. Its memory card was still intact, JTBC reported.

The network shared a roughly three-minute audio clip of the video with CNN, which translated the exchanges.

It would seem to be the first glimpse at the uncertainty inside the ferry as it made its way from Incheon, a port west of Seoul, to Jeju, a resort island off South Korea’s southern coast.

The people heard on the audio seem to know the ferry is listing. Among the passengers were 300 students from Danwon High School, who were on a field trip.

“Mom, dad, dad, dad! What about my younger sibling?” one cries.

Some ask about life jackets. A voice on a PA system warns that everyone should stay where they are: “Do not move from your present location and please stay …”

While some seem confused, there are people who appear to joke around, clearly not fully comprehending the gravity of what’s happening. At one point a voice is heard saying,

“This trip is screwed.”

Some passengers talk to one another, trying to reassure and inform. Another voice says, “I think it’s calming down.”

Then: “Is it calming down?”

“It’s going more to the left.”

“I think it’s better than it was before.”

“I’m wearing the life vest.”

“I’m wearing one, too. I really have to.”

“I have to wear one, too.”

Some appear to try to help others.

One shouts, “Hey!” then says the name of someone who doesn’t have a life jacket. “We need to get one!”

As the video continues, it seems that no one knows what’s really happening.

“What’s the captain doing?” one person asks.

Later, a voice is heard saying, “They should let us know what’s going on.”

As of Sunday, searchers continue to still look for passengers and crew, and so far have retrieved 188 bodies. Another 114 people are still missing. The fate of those seen and heard on the video is not known.


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