Attack on UNP MPs in Hambantota was beastly – Vijitha Herath

Attack on UNP MPs in Hambantota was beastly – Vijitha Herath

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20 Apr, 2014 | 9:51 pm

Police have recorded statements from three of the MPs who were victimised in an attack on a group of UNP MPs in Hambantota recently.

Police Media Spokesperson, SSP Ajith Rohana says that statements were recorded from MPs Ajith Mannapperuma, Nalin Bandara and R. Yogarajan.

The group of UNP MPs were attacked by a group of persons while engaged in a fact-finding mission at the Mattala Airport and Hambantota Port. The Police Media Spokesperson said that MP Ajith Perera had lodged a complaint regarding the incident.

Statements were recorded from three of the MPs following the filing of the complaint. Views were expressed on this incident at several media briefings convened on Sunday.

Chairman of the UNP Leadership Council, MP Karu Jayasuriya:

[quote]It is evident to us today that although the government harps on about how there isn’t a single area in this country that has not been freed, Hambantota is an area which has not been freed. As citizens, whether we are Sinhalese, Muslim, Burgher or Malay – as citizens of Sri Lanka we have the right to travel anywhere in this country. Today, an MP from the supreme Parliament, cannot go to the Hambantota Port which was dug up with public funds or the airport that was built with public funds. Therefore we see this as an area that has not been freed.[/quote]

UNP Parliamentarian, Eran Wickramaratne:

[quote]I saw him brandishing a pistol and running towards the side of the vehicle that I was seated. Although I have security officers, I have never seen them carrying a pistol, to this day. The geographical positioning of this airport is wrong. It is in an area that is affected by the South Western monsoon. The Katunayake Airport too is is such an area. So, if there are to be two airports, then they must not be in areas with similar weather patterns. There are several such factors that we were going to highlight in our report. Why did they prevent us from going there and why did they disrupt us? Because they have something to hide.[/quote]

UNP Parliamentarian, Ajith P. Perera

[quote]Two days have passed since the incident and since we do not even have a thimble of faith in the police in the South, we lodged a complaint with Police Headquarters. Several major crimes including harassment, property damage and armed threats were witnessed here. The people can identify the criminals. These persons must be arrested immediately.[/quote]

JVP Propaganda Secretary, MP Vijitha Herath

[quote]We condemn distastefully, the attack on a group of Parliamentarians. These thugs did not attack the MPs. The MPs represent the people. They have thus attacked the people. Everyone should rally against this. No matter which party you are from or what ideological differences are there, this attack was wrong. This was a beastly attack. They have a right to go there and inquire into development, to see if it is planes that are coming there or birds and elephants.[/quote]

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