Moon to ‘turn into blood’  – total Lunar eclipse ahead

Moon to ‘turn into blood’ – total Lunar eclipse ahead

Moon to ‘turn into blood’ – total Lunar eclipse ahead

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13 Apr, 2014 | 3:52 pm

Prophecy loves signs from the heavens, and they will  deliver Tuesday with a moonlight spectacle.

What will happen could sound sort of like this:

The moon will turn to blood as it aligns with Earth and sun

Then do so thrice more ere a year and a half is done,

‘Tis not the herald of the apocalypses

Just the first of four total lunar eclipses.

In other words, get ready for an unusually beautiful moon to grace the night skies next week. There will be a total lunar eclipse Tuesday that will turn the moon a burnt reddish orange, NASA says.

It’s called a blood moon, and this one is just the first in a series of four consecutive total eclipses.Within a year and a half, North America will be able to see a blood moon a total of four times.

The moon takes on this color during the eclipse as it passes through the Earth’s shadow, which is the color of a desert sunset.

The four blood moons will occur in roughly six-month intervals on the following dates: April 15, 2014; October 8, 2014; April 4, 2015, and September 28, 2015.

People in North and South America will be able to see the entire eclipse, while sky watchers in the western Pacific can catch only the last half.

The moon will be setting in most of Europe and Africa during the eclipse, so residents there probably won’t see

The heavenly curtain rises on Tuesday’s lunar review around 2 a.m. ET, when the moon starts to slide into Earth’s shadow.

It should turn into a blood moon – a coppery red – about an hour later and stay that way for over an hour, NASA says.



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