Balapitiya PS Chairman and Deputy Chairman engage in a scuffle during meeting

Balapitiya PS Chairman and Deputy Chairman engage in a scuffle during meeting

Written by Bella Dalima

11 Apr, 2014 | 9:09 pm

A scuffle broke out between the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Balapitiya Pradeshiya Sabha, during a council meeting held on Friday.

When the meeting of the Balapitiya Pradeshiya Sabha convened on Friday morning, the Deputy Chairman rose from his seat, declaring that there was a proposal that he wished to make. However,  Chairman A. Dayaratne had not granted leave for a proposal to be made.

Subsequently, an argument had broken out between the two, which later escalated to a brawl. The meeting was adjourned for half an hour, following which our reporter says the meeting proceeded peacefully.

Chairman of Balapitiya PS A. Dayaratne said:

“They are not letting me maintain order in the council. I had to resort to such action after exercising patience over three years. He wants to take over the Chairmanship. He is trying to disprove that I am a person who works hard and rapidly and he is trying to prove that I do not know how to work with the people. That is why he is instigating such incidents.”

Deputy Chairman of Balapitiya PS, W. Yasarath Samarajeewa said:

“The Chairman must definitely grant leave for a proposal to be put forward by us. I know that it is wrong to not do so. I am truly saddened that I have to work under such a chairman. I believe that he needs to be more mature in order to be a chairman.”

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