CEB expresses concern over receding reservoir water levels

CEB expresses concern over receding reservoir water levels

Written by Staff Writer

26 Feb, 2014 | 8:52 am

The CEB says that  water levels at reservoirs attached to hydro power plants are decreasing  fast.

Media Spokesperson and Deputy General Manager of the CEB  Senajith Dassanayake says that due to low rainfall recorded, the  water levels at reservoirs have decreased. It is learnt that necessary rainfall was not recorded at catchment areas along hydro power plants.

Accordingly,  the water level of reservoirs are as follows,

Castlereagh Reservoir is 8.6%, Mausekelle Reservoir has 20.6%,  Kotmale Reservoir has 40.4 % , Victoria  Reservoir 31.8%, and Randenigala Reservoir has 71%. Accordingly,  only Randenigala has a sufficient water level.  In the past few days,  only 18 to 20% of electricity generation took place via hydro power plants; thermal power plants produced 77% .

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