Can the persons convicted of assassinating Rajiv Gandhi be released?

Can the persons convicted of assassinating Rajiv Gandhi be released?

Written by Bella Dalima

21 Feb, 2014 | 8:54 pm

Can the seven persons convicted of assassinating the former Indian Prime Minister , Rajiv Gandhi be released?

Certain sections are of the opinion that the Tamil Nadu State Government has the provision to release the convicts while others debate that as the matter is of national importance, the Tamil Nadu Government has no right to release them.

Yesterday Indian Supreme Court stayed the release of the the convicts by the Tamil Nadu Government.

Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha Jayaram triggered outrage in the ruling Congress Party by announcing her government’s decision to release all seven convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case after the sentences were commuted to life in prison by the Indian Supreme Court.

Union government had moved the Supreme Court against Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalitha’s move to free the killers of Rajiv Gandhi, in which the stay order was given.
The lawyer appearing on behalf of the convicts, S.Thuraisami expressed these views;

” The decision taken by the State Government of Tamil Nadu is 100 percent correct and legal. Centre will only advise them. The Tamil Nadu Government can say they they are going to release them and ask if the Center has any objections.

Even if there are any objections, the Tamil Nadu Government has the right to reject the objection and proceed with releasing them. This is only an interim injunction order. The supreme court says no to proceed until the 6th of March, until legal matters are resolved.

Therefore, no one will be released before March 6. If the Supreme Court issues an order we will comply with it. We will not go against it. The Tamil Nadu Government will inform the Supreme Court that the legal procedure has been followed.

They will prove that the interim injunction order is wrong. The Center cannot make such a request.”
Indian State Counsel, C. Kankaraj expressed these views;

“The Central Government is of the view that this is a matter of national importance. As terrorist organisations are linked to this matter, only the Central Government can make a decision.

The Central Government will decide if they will be freed or not. Therefore, the sole power on this matter is vested with the Central Government and not the state government. The State Government cannot do anything without informing the Central Government.”

Reacting to the calls made by the Tamil Nadu state government to release the assassins of late Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi, India’s junior Education Minister, Shashi Tharoor, said that terrorism from any quarter of the world directed towards any Indian citizen or on Indian soils must be firmly resisted.”
India’s Education Minister, Shashi Tharoor expressed these views;

“Terrorism from any quarter or any part of the world directed at Indian citizen and Indian soils must be firmly resisted and as far as we are concerned we don’t see any difference between one kind of terrorist and other kind of terrorist. You speak of the Rajiv Gandhi killers but let’s not also forget the 17 other innocent Indians and as far as I know, all were Tamils and I find it odd that people would speak of protecting the interest of Tamil people and forget the 17 families that have lived in Tamil Nadu as well. So, our message is very clear. Do not play politics with terrorism.”


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