Asylum seekers injured in alleged attempt to break out from Australia detention camp

Asylum seekers injured in alleged attempt to break out from Australia detention camp

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18 Feb, 2014 | 7:29 pm

An asylum seeker was killed and scores were injured when a violent protest ended with a breakout from an Immigration Detention Camp run by Australia on the South Pacific Island of Papua New Guinea.

According to the Australian Minister of Immigration, Scott Morrison , the asylum seeker, died of head injuries on the way to the Hospital.

The nationality of the deceased it yet to be revealed.

A clash had broken out at the detention camp on Manus Island on Sunday night.

According to reports 13 people had suffered serious injuries in last nights clash including two who were being transferred to Australia for treatment, one with a gun-shot wound.

Human Rights Groups claim that over-crowding at the detention centre had attributed to the clash also resulting in mental stress amongst many of the detainees.

Australian Minister of Immigration Scott Morrison countered these allegations saying that the unrest broke-out when a detainee attempted to break-out. Thirty five persons who managed to break-free from the detention camp were apprehended last night.

Eight illegals involved in Sundays clash were arrested that night itself. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka High Commissioner to Australia, Rear Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe made following comments.

“Manus Island is one of two offshore processing camps in which asylum seekers are detained. There are 1300 such camps in Manus Island. In 2012 Australia initiated a policty against boat people.”

“Australia has also initiated a policy – aimed as a deterrent – whereby those people found to be genuine refugees will be settled in Papua New Guinea rather than Australia.”

“On the 19th of July 2013 it was decided by Australia to direct all illegal boat arrivals to Nauru and Papua new guniea. “

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