UNHRC Session and ‘electric chairs’ feature in political arena before upcoming polls

UNHRC Session and ‘electric chairs’ feature in political arena before upcoming polls

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17 Feb, 2014 | 9:19 pm

The United Nations Human Rights Council session is a keenly debated topic in the political arena ahead of the upcoming provincial council polls. Various views were expressed on this subject matter in the provincial battle.

JVP General Secretary, Tilvin Silva:

[quote]They are trying to scare the people into an electric chair using the images of Geneva and the Human Rights Council. If they were actually taking the country to the electric chair then we would fight against it.[/quote]

UPFA MP, Shantha Bandara:

[quote]As people love our country, what is it, that we need to do? We  need to stop those countries from exerting their influence on us. How do we do it? We have only one single opportunity for that. We need to express our stance clearly during the democratic elections that will be held. We will be able to address the international community through this.[/quote]

Propaganda Secretary to the JVP, Vijitha Herath:

[quote]If we are to face resolutions, we need to cast aside the elections and face them. But instead what did they do they went ahead and organised an election. Can we be divided now? We need to face the imperialists. This shows their way of thinking.[/quote]

UPFA MP, Namal Rajapaksa

[quote]This elections has transformed into one that will defeat all the challenges and conspiracies that our president is facing, internationally. You decide – is providing a pension to farmers, a pension, creating harbours and fishing ports a war crime? The construction of roads and the development of schools are they war crimes?[/quote]

Senior Minister of Scientific Affairs, Prof. Tissa Vitharana:

[quote]They will convene the Human Rights Council to present the US resolution and drag out the Human Rights issue to attack us. They are trying to impose sanctions on the country.[/quote]

UPFA Southern Provincial Council Candidate, Ven. Baddegama Samitha Thero:

[quote]Today the international community is attempting to put us into a tough situation by taking us to Geneva. I must say this. The United States never asked for the Prime Minister, Secretary of Defence of Israel to be called for Geneva and be punished. back then the United States did not speak on human rights violations.[/quote]

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