His pension has been taken away; they have stolen that too – MP Ketagoda

His pension has been taken away; they have stolen that too – MP Ketagoda

Written by Staff Writer

02 Feb, 2014 | 8:50 pm

A public rally organised by the Democratic Party, was held in Ambuldeniya, Nugegoda, on Saturday.

A large crowd flocked to this rally which was held under the auspices of the Leader of the Democratic Party, Sarath Fonseka.

At the event, Sarath Fonseka expressed the following views:

[quote]We are not greedy. When I made sacrifices for you and donned this garb for you, I had another two years where I could have served in the military.[/quote]

“Six months before I became the Army Commander, the Former President issued a gazette notice which stated that the retirement age for the military was 58. I had three more years to go for my retirement. When I was 56, I was made the Army Commander. There are foolish ministers and MPs who do not even know this and what else is going on in the country and claim that Mahinda Rajapaksa assisted me. They say he empathised with me and made me the Army Commander.”

Deputy Leader of the Democratic Party, MP Jayantha Ketagoda also shared his views at the event,

[quote]The leader who put his life on the line for this country has been deprived of his pension.We ask the people of this country if this is just?[/quote]

“He served in the army for 40 years. He had brushes with death on three occasions. This leader came to us from death. But even his pension has been taken away. They have stolen that too. The leader who ended the war was seated on a plank in the Welikada Prison with a prison jumper on.”

Speaking at the event, Chief Organiser of Kolonnawa (Democratic Party), Susil Kindelpitiya stated,

[quote]We are waiting to see if the IGP will enforce the law.[/quote]

“My friends, last morning, we heard on the Jambugasmulla Road, that a book was being published. Was this a manifesto? No, their manifesto is rotting away. No, this was a defamatory book against our dear leader who saved this nation. This is that book. My friends, we saw once again yesterday, that the law is not being enforced in our country. We made a request of the inspector general of police. We presented this evidence. We pointed out that those responsible have been shown here. We asked that the law be enforced.”


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