Will the future of SLC be at risk as ICC reaches a breaking point ?

Will the future of SLC be at risk as ICC reaches a breaking point ?

Written by Bella Dalima

25 Jan, 2014 | 8:57 pm

The Federation of International Cricketers Associations has voiced its objection to the ICC controversial proposal that would effectively place Australia, England and India in charge of the World Game.

Executive Chairman of FICA, Paul Marsh said that , FICA was extremely concerned about the future of International Cricket and requests the other seven ICC Board Members to reject this proposal at next week’s board meeting.

On January the ICC presented its member nations with a copy of the draft proposal. The ‘Private and Confidential’  draft proposal which was presented to the ICC’s member nations contains six sections.

Which sections of the draft proposal caused the ICC to split into two sides ?

Extraction :
Number 01 / Section 02

“The membership of Ex-Co will consist of one representative of the ECB, one representative from CA and one representative of the BCCI, with a rotating annual chairmanship between the three nominees. The ICC executive board will nominate one director from among the other executive board full member nominated directors to be the fourth member of the Ex-Co …”

Section 03

“The Future Tours Program of the ICC or the FTP will be scrapped. The Basic principals underlying the recommendations in this section are ; No member should be forced to play another member except as bilaterally agreed.

“..CA and ECB will offer a  guarantee of three tests and five limited over matches per cycle to the top 8 members.

The offer excludes the BCCI …”

End of Extraction

Executive Chairman of the Federation of International Cricketers Associations objecting to the ICC’s draft proposal emphasizes that CA , ECB and the BCCI should not act to fulfill their own ambitions.

Extraction :

“… This proposal is designed to vest control of the game in the three boards of India , Australia and England. It is not in the best interests of the global game and we have real fears that it will only serve to strengthen the ‘big three’ countries whilst the rest are left to wither on the vine. The game deserves far better than this and all within FICA call on the other seven ICC board members to reject this proposal …”

End of Extraction

The ICC’s controversial draft proposal will be put forward before the ICC Board Meeting on Tuesday January 28.

The proposals need seven votes of the ICC’s ten leading nations to pass or else a 2/3’s majority.

India, England , Australia and New Zealand have officially said thay are in favor of the new draft proposal.South Africa, Pakistan and the West Indies have officially rejected the draft proposal.

Bangladesh and Zimbabwe are yet to make an official announcement regarding the draft proposal of the ICC.In this backdrop, what is Sri Lanka Cricket’s stance on the ICC’s draft proposal.

SLC Executive Committee Members Shammi Silva in a letter to the President on January 23 said that SLC is observing a double standard and is yet again attempting to betray the country.

The letter had read that one of the major questions facing SLC today, is whether certain senior officials at SLC are attempting indirectly, to make Sri Lankan Cricket kneel before India.

It adds that a justifiable suspicion has risen among the cricket loving public, as to whether the efforts of these senior officials at SLC to gratify India, are the result of their having abandoned the nation in favour of the amount of dollars they would receive.

Will the future of Sri Lanka Cricket be at risk as the ICC reaches a breaking point ?



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