Kelaniya PS members say they ‘do not want Mervyn Silva again’

Kelaniya PS members say they ‘do not want Mervyn Silva again’

Written by Bella Dalima

18 Jan, 2014 | 9:13 pm

A group of members of the Kelaniya Pradehiya Sabha including its Chairman have revealed that they will refrain from engaging in party activities if Minister Mervyn Silva is reinstated as the SLFP Kelaniya Organiser.

Meanwhile, Acting Organiser of Kelaniya, Prasanna Ranatunge notes that if the Minister is reinstated, it would be a conscious decision taken by the party.

UPFA Member of Kelaniya PS, Lanka Vijitha Kumara said;  “We dont like to engage in politics with Minister Mervyn Silva and we wont. The rank and file members of our party  are fed up. Don’t create another era where fences are built against merchants who don’t bow down to extortion, don’t create another era where government employees are tied on to trees and harassed.  Appoint any person other than Mervin Silva, we will support him. We only ask that this cruel individual not be appointed to the Kelaniya electorate ..”

We inquired from Minister Mervyn Silva whether he was reappointed as the Kelaniya organizer of the SLFP.

Minister of Public Relations and Public Affairs said; “Even though the sun sets each day, it rises from the east each morning. This is all I have to say. If an individual who is fitting my stature speaks to me about it I will respond. As a Cabinet Minister I wont respond to everything they say about me. ..”

SLFP Acting Organiser of Kelaniya Electorate, Prasanna Ranatunga stated; “An organiser should definitely be appointed to the Kelaniya Electorate. I have not been informed about this in writing or orally. Any decision taken by the party will be a just decision, we have to act according to these decisions. If the party appoints him then that will be with some degree of responsibility. The party would advise him in this regard. ..”


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