Activists question Mangala’s eligibility to direct UNP towards victory

Activists question Mangala’s eligibility to direct UNP towards victory

Written by Staff Writer

06 Jan, 2014 | 9:43 pm

UNP activists point out that the current members of the UNP Leadership Council are individuals who obtained a lesser number of votes than their fellow candidates at the previous general election.

They question as to how individuals with depleted voter bases of their own could direct the party towards victory.

Although UNP Leadership Council member Mangala Samaraweera served as a minister in the People’s Alliance and United People’s Freedom Alliance governments, he was only able to come in second from the Matara district when he contested under the UNP ticket. When Samaraweera contested for the 2004 general election under the UPFA ticket he secured a total of 118,848 votes and came in first.

By the time he contested for the 2010 General Election under the United National Party his voter base decreased to just 59,836 votes.

However, despite this fact,  he functions as the Matara District Leader of the UNP as well as the Head of the UNP Communications Unit and is also a member of the Working Commitee.

Young parliamentarian Buddika Pathirana came in first from the Matara district during the 2010 election.

In 2009 when he competed for the Southern Provincial Council Elections he was able to garner 57,802 votes and was elected as the youngest opposition leader in provincial council history. Buddhika Pathirana who was able to expand his voter base secured 62,499 votes at the 2010 general election and went onto top the preferential voting lists.

However,  he was stripped of his position in the UNP Working Committee and his position of electoral organiser was suspended for three years. Buddhika Pathirana who acted as the district leader during the 2009 Southern Provincial Council Election was able to secure 96,614 votes for the party.

However,  in 2010, under the leadership of Mangala Samaraweera, the United National Party was only able to secure 91,114 votes.


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