Newsfirst S-Lon Danamuthu Sayanaya held in Kandy

Newsfirst S-Lon Danamuthu Sayanaya held in Kandy

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29 Dec, 2013 | 12:05 am

The seventh edition of Newsfirst, S-Lon Danamuthu Sayanaya took place at Kingswood College , Kandy on Saturday.

One of the primary objectives of the Newsfirst,  S-Lon Denamuthu Sayanaya is provide free advice on constructing a house.

The Newsfirst S-Lon Denamuhtu Sayanaya commenced  on Saturday morning under the auspices of the Chief Minister of the Central province Sarath Ekanayake.

Here are some of the views expressed at the event:

Director / General Manager of Newsfirst, Yasarath Kamalsiri,

” We conducted six such programmes across the country and we have rendered our services to over 50,000 persons. This is a serious thing. When we go to construct a house, we want to do it right. We have advised over 50,000 persons. ”

Principal of Kandy Kingswood College , G.G.S. Bandara,

“We appreciate the efforts undertaken by the Capital Maharaja Organisation on providing assistance to build a house in the hill capital as well as to renovate a house.”

Group Director of TCMOL  S.C. Weerasekara,

“When we fall victim to the tricks of brokers, we get sick of it. Through this programme we are providing individuals with the knowledge they require to understand the basics of constructing a house. Persons will be able to successfully fulfill their dreams of building a house through this.”

Chief Minister of Central Province Sarath Ekanayake,

“Constructors charge 6 percent of 7 percent for the draft. An innocent person cannot make such a payment. The Denamuthu Sayanayana provides the correct information that one needs to know. That is why I believe that the Capital Maharaja Organisation had linked with S-Lon for this purpose.”

Subsequent to the opening ceremony, the group including the Chief Minister inspected the Denamuthu Sayanaya.

Architects , civil engineers, surveyors, attorneys, astrologers, plumbers and Feng shui specialists are providing their services to the public free of charge at the Denamuthu Sayanaya. A health clinic also took place at the Denamuthu Sayanaya. An art competition was held for children below the age of 15 concurrent to the Newsfirst S-Lon Denamuthu Sayanaya.

The special workshop on driving was the new addition to the Newsfirst S-Lon Denamuthu Sayanaya.

Chairman of the National Transportation Commission Roshan Gunawardena and Officer Chamika Premasiri from the Kandy Motor traffic Division briefed the participants at the workshop.

A certificate was also presented to the participants.

Meanwhile the water-supply lines of a number of houses in Kandy were repaired concurrent to the Newsfirst S-Lon Denanamuthu Sayanaya. Architects also held a workshop.

The Newsfirst S-Lon Denamuthu Sayanaya will be held on Sunday as well at Kingswood College , Kandy.

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