Ja Ela Urban Council Budget defeated

Ja Ela Urban Council Budget defeated

Written by Bella Dalima

18 Dec, 2013 | 8:52 pm

The 2014 budget of another United People’s Freedom Alliance controlled local government institution was defeated on Wednesday.

The local government budget that was defeated was that of the Ja Ela Urban Council. One vote was cast for the 2014 budget while eight votes were cast against. All members of the Ja Ela Urban Council, except its Chairman had exercised their vote.

Chairman of Ja Ela Urban Council, Upali Arambawatta said; “They completely disregarded what was said by the His Excellency the President, Alliance Leader Susil Premajayantha, Chief Minister Prasanna Ranatunga and the facts explained by the political leadership. I call for a disciplinary inquiry into the voting against the budget.”

Deputy Chairman of Ja Ela Urban Council, M. Shammika Dias charged that the chairman has done nothing for development.

Opposition Leader (UNP) of Ja Ela Urban Council, Ruvinda Abeyratne said; “We passed the 2013 budget but the honourable chairman did nothing for us.” UPFA Urban Councillor of Ja Ela Urban Council Deepika Marcus stated; “The funds of the Urban Council are being used by him as he wishes. He allocates funds only for his division. Taking this into consideration we opposed the budget.”

The Dompe Pradeshiya Sabah budget was also defeated today. The budget received eight votes for  a fourteen votes ‘against.’ The 2014 budgets of several local government institutions defeated.



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