Back to bamboo – jungle palace sets new heights in Bali

Back to bamboo – jungle palace sets new heights in Bali

Back to bamboo – jungle palace sets new heights in Bali

Written by Bella Dalima

17 Dec, 2013 | 6:19 pm

Nestled among the lush forests of Bali, near the hill town of Ubud, is one of the island’s most remarkable villages.

It’s not just that each of the 18 homes of Green Village is constructed almost entirely from bamboo, but the form they take.

From vast spiral staircases to a river-spanning bridge leading to the door of the newest house, the designs are more akin to luxury mansions than jungle huts.

The exclusive abodes are part of Creative Director Elora Hardy’s masterplan for sustainable, luxury living. As the daughter of John Hardy – who set up Bali’s Green School to educate a new generation of environmentally responsible students – she and her team of designers and architects are also committed to changing common perceptions of what sustainability means.

Centered around a communal area but separated by discreet gardens, the villas are open to the elements adding to each of the homes’ sense of space and light and affording some beautiful views of the surrounding forests and rushing Ayung river below.

While some families live in the village, some homes are luxury retreats and can cost between $500,000 and $2million.

The latest and largest structure lies on the other side of the river with its five stories towering above the forest canopy. Lucky guests traverse a glass and bamboo bridge to reach the villa’s front door, itself a revolving glass oval.

Clever design and roll-down shutters help protect those inside from rainstorms, while banana paper for interior walls and some aluminum for roofing are generally the only concessions to non-bamboo materials. Simplicity then is a key design element but it hasn’t restricted some non-organic basics, with electricity and high-end kitchen fittings standard throughout the buildings.


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