Heroin issue discussed in Parliament again

Heroin issue discussed in Parliament again

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17 Dec, 2013 | 11:18 pm

The expenditure heads of thirty three ministries were inspected by a Special Select Committee. A report was compiled by this committee and the expenditure heads of twelve ministries mentioned in the report were discussed in Parliament on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the issue of Heroin being imported was once again raised during Tuesday’s parliamentary debate .

Joseph Michael Perera MP of UNP stated, ” if a drug dealer is captured in a village he would be remanded, or a death sentence would be handed down. When such a large haul of Heroin is discovered we need to find the truth behind this. No such investigation has been conducted.”

In reply to this Prime minister D.M. Jayaratne asked – “Do you have a religion ? Then you should acts according to that religion. I am asking you, are you a drug dealer ? You are talking like one.”

It was then stated “We do not want to discuss your drug issues, it should be done elsewhere. Other discussions need to take place in this chamber. We speak on behalf of the people’s development. We should not speak like fools.”

John Amaratunge MP of  UNP made this comment, ” Look at the charges levelled by the JHU. I don’t think you did it, but the JHU states that  252 kilogrammes of Heroin were imported using a letter from the Prime Minister.”

Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratne said this in reply, ” Honourable Speaker, quoting statements made by individuals to the papers does not suit this chamber. This should be a place where people act with intelligence.”

John Amaratunge stated, ” This is serious because it is being said by the JHU which is a part of your government. They are the ones calling for your arrest . What should we do about it ? Does that means that the JHU does not have intelligent people ?”


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