Bus & Train fare hike, soon

Bus & Train fare hike, soon

by Teena Marian 28-06-2022 | 7:37 PM

COLOMBO (News 1st); The recommendations on the request by private bus trade unions for a 30% hike in bus fares, which will be effective from the 1st of July, will be forwarded to the Ministry of Transport on Wednesday (29).

The decision was taken at a discussion held at the Ministry of Transport on Tuesday (28) with the participation of representatives of the private bus trade unions.

It was reported that heated arguments had taken place at the meeting, as several unions failed to reach common ground.

Sri Lanka's Cabinet of Ministers granted approval to revise the railway charges for passenger transport, goods transport, and postal transport.

Sri Lanka Railways had adopted a concessionary payment system for passenger transport in terms of the state policies.

However, due to the rapid price hike of fuel experienced recently, the recurrent loss of the Department is on the rise too. Therefore, it has become vital to increase the income earned by the Department in order to sustain a satisfactory railway service.

Accordingly, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal furnished by the Minister of Transport and Highways to revise the railway charges categorized as passenger transport charges which had not been revised for more than five (05) years, the goods transport and postal transport charges which have not been revised approximately in fourteen (14) years