Foreign nationals become latest victims of fuel shortage

Foreign nationals become latest victims of fuel shortage

Foreign nationals become latest victims of fuel shortage

Written by Amani Nilar

05 Mar, 2022 | 7:42 am

COLOMBO (News 1st); Foreign nationals have become the latest victims of the lack of fuel in the country. 

Long queues were seen at filling stations across the country today, while some filling stations had displayed notices stating that they have run out of fuel.

A queue running more than two kilometres was seen at a filling station in Bandarawela, and at another area, fuel was sold to vehicles and people with cans as they formed separate queues, which resulted in a tense situation when they were merged.

A visiting officer of a company claimed that the Government better resign instead of ruling while he was waiting in a queue, while a foreign national stated that although he visited Sri Lanka for sightseeing, the situation in the country is shameful.

Tourists were given prominence at fuel stations as they become important as the sources of foreign inflow into the nation.

Another local claimed that they have been standing in line for five days, and a litre of diesel had risen to Rs, 250.

Police had to intervene to bring tense situations at petrol stations under control.

Long queues have been seen at a filling station in Dehiattakandiya for four days, as fuel was sold only to farmers who produced letters from farmers associations.

Farmers were also seen formed in a long queue outside the residence of the president of farmers associations to obtain a letter, as farmers claimed that if the Government does not give farmers the diesel that is required in the coming days, farmers will take to the streets.

The filling station in Dehiattakandiya only receives 6,600 litres of fuel. However, there are 22,832 farmers in the area.

Moreover, filling stations in Kandy and its surrounding areas had run out of diesel while some filling stations had been closed completely, while queues were seen at a filling station at the Medirigiriya town for the lastthree days.

The News 1st correspondents reported that the filling station had run out of diesel and had only sold petrol.

People who were standing in queue at a filling station in Horana had organized a milk rice dansal in the area as well.

Meanwhile, drivers of buses that use the Southern Expressway say they have been affected due to the fuel shortage. They claim that they have made about 50 trips along the Southern Expressway since 8 last night, and have been in queues without obtaining petrol.

In the midst of this, the Energy Ministry stated that a ship carrying 28,300 metric tons of diesel reached Sri Lanka today (04), while a consignment of 37,500 metric tons of fuel had been unloaded at the Muthurajawela and Kolonnawa storage terminals.

The Energy Ministry said that they will begin distributing fuel from tomorrow (05).

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