Diesel shipments only arriving on 2nd March

Diesel shipments only arriving on 2nd March

by Teena Marian 28-02-2022 | 3:47 PM

COLOMBO (News 1st); The Ministry of Energy stated that a ship carrying Diesel will arrive in Sri Lanka on the 2nd March 2022.

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Energy and its Additional Secretary, Chaminda Hettiarachci stated that a delay in loading the shipment, caused a delay in delivery.

He stated that the shipments from Singapore contained 33,000 MT of Auto Diesel and 7000 MT super Diesel.

In addition, another Diesel Tanker is scheduled to arrive in Sri Lanka on the 4th March 2022.

According to the Ministry of Energy, the ship is carrying a consignment of 28,500 MT of Auto Diesel and 9,000 MT Jet Fuel.

Meanwhile, vehicles belonging to the Government Agencies have been advised to be used only for essential services.

The Ministry of Public Administration stated that at the present about 70,000 Government vehicles are being operated daily.

The Ministry pointed out that saving at least 1L of Fuel per vehicle can save 70,000L of Fuel per day.

The Ministry of Administration stated that the Heads of the Institution have been informed to pay attention to the current Fuel crisis and take action.

Meanwhile, News 1st Correspondents stated that long queues were witnessed at the filling stations in many parts of the country on Monday (28) as well.