Hemp to be legalized to earn export revenue?

Hemp to be legalized to earn export revenue?

Written by Amani Nilar

10 Dec, 2021 | 3:53 am

COLOMBO (News 1st); The Government has focused its attention on legalizing the cultivation of hemp to earn export revenue.

The State Minister of Indigenous Medicine Promotion, Sisira Jayakody speaking stated that as the Ministry of Indigenous Medicines, several laws banning hemp will be revoked and new laws will be introduced.

He further stated that within the next few weeks, the Ministry will also finalize the regulations with the support of the Legal Draftsman’s Department and the Justice Ministry, and added that the Ministry is also attempting to pass these regulations in Cabinet and at the Parliament as well.

” We are doing this only to allow exports. We won’t allow this to be expanded for other purposes by importing the required seeds or other substances,” the State Minister said.

The Commissioner of Ayurveda, Dr. M.D.J. Gunawardana also spoke on the relevant issue on Thursday (09)

Speaking during a press conference, the Commissioner General of Ayurveda stated that the Ayurveda Act Under Act 31 of 1961 has outlined the laws that must be followed when using cannabis as a form of traditional medicine, and added that the Ministry of Indigenous Medicine and the Ayurveda Department is not responsible for supplying cannabis to the market.

At present, the cultivation of cannabis, being in the possession of it and issuing it to the market is banned by law.

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