Sri Lanka running out of beds for COVID patients?  All hospitals to treat COVID cases

Sri Lanka running out of beds for COVID patients? All hospitals to treat COVID cases

Sri Lanka running out of beds for COVID patients? All hospitals to treat COVID cases

Written by Zulfick Farzan

09 Aug, 2021 | 5:06 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lanka has only 1200 more beds allocated for COVID-19 patients, said the Health Ministry.

According to the Director-General of Public Health Services Dr. Hemantha Herath, a total of 33,962 beds were allocated for the treatment of COVID-19 patients and as of Sunday (08), 32,762 COVID-19 patients were being treated.

The number of COVID-19 patients receiving treatment in the ICUs has risen to 89, said the Health Ministry.

Dr. Hemantha Herath said the alternative in this situation would be to use the beds designated for other patients for the use of COVID-19 patients.

‘This process will be done carefully because we cannot pose any harm to the other patients. However, there is no need to be reluctant to visit hospitals. We will continue treatments for all patients,’ he added.

Dr. Prasanna Gunasena the Chairman of the State Pharmaceutical Corporation said it is likely all hospitals in the country would convert to COVID-19 treatment hospitals within this week and it is paramount for anyone with symptoms to immediately seek treatment.

Sri Lanka’s Health Ministry in a recent document has announced how the Integrated Home-Based Isolation and Management of Asymptomatic & Mild Symptomatic COVID-19 patients will take place.

The process is as follows :

01. The MOH in the area will be responsible for the triaging of positive individuals who need home-based care and who need institutional care.

02. Those eligible for home-based care:

– Should be between the ages of 02 & 65

– Should be isolated in a well ventilated separate room with adequate washroom facilities

– Should not have uncontrolled comorbidities such as morbid obesity, diabetes, hypertension, chronic (Heart / Lung / Renal ) conditions

– Should not be suffering from immunocompromised status or not on long term immunosuppressive therapy

– Should have adequate self-care or caregiver support at home

– Should have proper communication facilities and ability to communicate

– Should have given informed consent

03. The area MOH will register eligible individuals in the ‘Patient Home Isolation and Management System’.

The responsibility of the patient will be handed over to the Call Center and Medical Care Team through the PHIM system.

04. Teams will be supervised by the Consultant Family Physicians.

05. Call Center will coordinate with the patient and the medical care team assigned for home care management.

An assigned Medical Officer in the team will conduct an initial assessment and daily monitoring of the patient.

06. Findings will be recorded in PHIM System.

07. Medical care team will continue to monitor for symptoms using various parameters.

08. Patients requiring hospitalization will be identified early and will be handed over to a Specialist Medical Officer who will arrange transportation of the patient to the hospital.


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