Government steps in to purchase harvest left unsold

Government steps in to purchase harvest left unsold

Government steps in to purchase harvest left unsold

Written by Pavani Hapuarachchi

08 Jun, 2021 | 11:27 am

COLOMBO (News 1st): The Government has reached a decision to purchase vegetables and fruits from farmers who were unable to sell their agricultural produce as a result of the island-wide travel restriction, the Department of Government Information said.

It has been identified that small, medium, and large scale farmers are faced with a major economic crisis given the destruction of their produce, especially vegetables and fruits, due to the inability to transport and trade as usual whilst the island-wide travel restriction is in effect, the Government Information Department noted.

Whilst pointing out that at the same time, consumers are facing difficulties due to the scarcity of vegetables and fruits at fair prices the Cabinet of Ministers had approved the proposal tabled by the Minister of Agriculture to implement a programme to purchase the stocks of vegetables and fruits that were not be sold during the travel restriction period by the District Secretaries and Government Agents.

The unsold produce will be purchased from farmers at the prices of the District Pricing Committees.

According to the Government Information Department, the purchased vegetables and fruits will be provided free of charge to the COVID-19 Treatment Centers, all Government Hospitals, Tri-Forces, Displaced Camps, and Families who have lost their livelihoods until the travel restrictions relaxed.

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