Shots fired in Point Pedro to stop Pick-up Truck

Shots fired in Point Pedro to stop Pick-up Truck; 02 injured

by Zulfick Farzan 16-04-2021 | 11:10 AM

Point Pedro (News 1st); Two people were injured after shots were fired by the Police Special Task Force in Point Pedro, Jaffna on Friday (16).

Police Spokesperson DIG Ajith Rohana speaking to News 1st said STF personnel had opened fire at a Pick-Up Truck which defied orders to stop at a Police Road-Block. "This Road-Block was activated to protect a sand deposit located close-by as there were reports of illegal sand mining in the area in question," he said. The Pick-Up Truck in question had reached the Road-Block from the area where the sand deposit is located and it was ordered to stop, however, the Pick-Up Truck failed to stop, he said. "Police STF personnel were then forced to use spike strips to stop the Pick-Up Truck, however, the Pick-Up Truck still proceeded forward," said the Deputy Police Chief adding the Pick-Up Truck also attempted run over STF personnel who were positioned further away from the Road-Block. The Police STF had then opened fire at the Pick-Up Truck in an attempt to stop it, however, it had fled the scene. DIG Ajith Rohana said thereafter police received reports that two people were admitted to the Point Pedro Hospital for gunshot injuries. The injured were in their early twenties and the Point Pedro Police is conducting investigations. In addition, separate investigations are underway to locate the Pick-Up Truck in question.