Farmers’ harvest affected in many areas across the country

Farmers’ harvest affected in many areas across the country

Farmers’ harvest affected in many areas across the country

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17 Jan, 2021 | 9:05 pm

A number of diseases spreading among paddy cultivation in various parts of the island were reported recently.

A disease spreading among paddy cultivation in Divulapitiya has damaged many acres of crops.

Farmers here have been advised to change the paddy seeds that they sow next season, Agrarian Advisor for the Maradagahamula Agrarian Zone said.

While Farmers in Divulapitiya are affected by not receiving compensation for their damaged crops, Farmers in Matara have their own problems to grapple with.

According to Farmers in the Matara District, an invasive species of plant had spread across 2000 acres of paddy fields in the area and halved their harvest.

Paddy cultivation in Thihagoda, Matara, Uunalla, Wellethota, Weligama, Kamburupitiya, Thelijjawela and Akurugoda have also been damaged in a similar manner.

Paddy cultivations in several districts including Polonnaruwa have been affected due to heavy rains experienced in the area.

Farmers in the Trincomalee and Mullaitivu districts also point out that their crops have been destroyed by the inclement weather.

Paddy fields in the Muttur, Thoppur, and Kinniya have also experienced a similar fate.

Farmers in the Batticaloa, Kiran, and Kattankudy areas have also been inconvenienced due to the damages caused by their crops.

“If the harvest is being affected we will inquire into it. According to the President’s policy, we must produce rice that is required by our country in Sri Lanka itself”, State Ministry of Agriculture L.L. Anil Wijesekara said.

He also expressed confidence that Farmers will be able to reap a good harvest during the Maha Season.

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