Sajith Premadasa on government’s attempts to review MCC

Sajith Premadasa on government’s attempts to review MCC

Written by Staff Writer

19 Jan, 2020 | 8:45 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st):- Yet another public gathering organized by the United National Party to thank the party faithful who supported the Presidential election was held in Biyagama yesterday (January 18). The meeting was chaired by Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa. It was organized by Parliamentarian Ruwan Wijewardena.

Addressing the people gathered, MP Ruwan Wijewardena says;

“If this government gets a 2/3rds majority we will have to ask whether there will be a future for this country. We have another challenge ahead of us. The general election. We need to work towards this with dedication. We know that Sajith is a young leader who has worked immensely towards the party. With his strength, we must all be committed to working towards the victory of the next election.”

Opposition Leader, Sajith Premadasa also addressing the crowds said;

“A minister from the Gampaha district has said that in order to implement the manifesto, they need a 2/3rds majority at the next election. Dear friends, there is no need to wait till April or May in order to obtain a 2/3rds majority, there is no need to postpone it. They said the fertilizer will be given free of charge, jobs will be given in millions and they said that the problem of unemployed graduates will be solved by January. The government must work towards fulfilling these people-friendly promises. They have appointed various committees to investigate whether the MCC is good or not. Recently a group of US representatives had come to hold discussions with the government. They told that a report will be compiled. Did they talk about reports on MCC during the election?


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