Alliance for Economic Democracy educates the public about MCC

Alliance for Economic Democracy educates the public about MCC

Alliance for Economic Democracy educates the public about MCC

Written by Staff Writer

09 Dec, 2019 | 9:31 pm

Colombo (News 1st): The Alliance for Economic Democracy held a media briefing in Colombo today (December 9) with the aim of educating the public about the MCC agreement. Speaking at the briefing Dr Damayanthi Perera of the Alliance noted that the main goal of this would be to take Sri Lankan lands to the global market, which is depicted through the Agricultural Report.

She questioned: “What would happen to the 1.65 million farmers who own under 2 hectares of land?” She said what’s hidden behind the land act is to release the lands of these small-time farmers to the market. She went onto note that the first thing they would do when they buy lands 5000 each is, they would build a fence and then, your future generation won’t be able to buy a single inch from these lands.

Lakmali Hemachandra of the alliance noted;

“They say the 50 acres land limitation in Sri Lanka is an obstacle. Then they say the insecurity of land ownership is the other issue. So we should be mindful of the land limitation analysis because nowhere does it say that it is an issue to lose the lands of the small-time farmers. The former government and the present administration are both creating stories to suit MCC’s expectations and are producing it to the public as well.”

Kesara Kottegoda, the Deputy Secretary Ceylon Bank Employees Union noted that the limitation analysis was done by Charitha Ratwatte and the other is Mangala Yapa, a team that said that the Singapore deal is very good. He questioned as to who questioned why garbage was being brought into the country. However, he said in the recent past many garbage containers were brought into the country and this team agreed to sign ETCA agreement.

He added that this is the team that has made the economic analysis and now there is a US Aid member in the MCC director board. He went onto note that they are trying to demolish the workers’ laws by coming here and giving the Sri Lankan Government US$ 28 million. Kottegoda said it seems like there is an improvement of 10%, 70%, and only 20% is bad. He said that it is not people like Gammanpila who will be caught up in these economic traps, it will be the average people of this country. He voiced his concern regarding this government signing the agreement.

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