Sajith Premadasa and the swan will emerge victorious – SP

Sajith Premadasa and the swan will emerge victorious – SP

Sajith Premadasa and the swan will emerge victorious – SP

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13 Nov, 2019 | 10:32 pm

Colombo (News 1st): Presidential Candidate of the New Democratic Front Sajith Premadasa addressed a rally in Hambantota today (November 13).

Speaking at the rally spoke of the citizenship issue plaguing his opponent;

“Some speak about citizenship. I do not bother myself about dual citizenship or triple citizenship. I want to contest with this candidate and nobody else. Our people will decide if citizenship is an issue or not. Certain attorneys have also come forward and are now coming up with many lies. But, I do not worry about citizenship. I ask everyone not to oppose it. Because I know that after the 16th, instead of threats and every other negative thing, justice, freedom, and democracy will prevail. This country is not ready to implement the white van culture again. They don’t know how to be original. Citizenship is not original. When the certificates were presented, even the text typed was wrong. Even the format of the date written was wrong. What a shame. Everything has become a lie, just like the documents presented.”

The Presidential Candidate of the New Democratic Front Minister Sajith Premadasa, addressed a rally in Moneragala today (November 13).  A number of local politicians including a secretary of Former UPFA Minister Sumedhaa G. Jayasenaa pledged their support to the New Democratic Front.

Speaking at the rally Sajith Premadasa noted that their opponents say that he makes promises based on politics. He said the opponents question as to where they (Sajith) will find the money to fund these projects. He posed this question to his opponents; “How did they fund the Lotus Tower? How did they fund the Nelum Pokuna? which is better to build the lotus tower and the Nelum Pokuna? Or is it better to give 4.4 Million students two sets of uniforms, lunch and a pair of shoes?”

Premadasa said they will collect every wasted cent in the country’s institutions, and provide relief to the students and the farmers. He went onto note that their government will not give vehicle permits to those from the President downwards.

He stressed that the opposite side does not think about the poor people and they don’t think about the common man. He added that they must be eagerly looking forward to going into the palace after the 16th. He stated with confidence that it will be Sajith Premadasa and the Swan that will emerge victoriously.

Minister Ranjith Madduma Bandara addressing the gathered noted that they started the battle to make Sajith Premadasa the candidate in Moneragala. He said the people of this country know that if the situation had progressed, he (Ranjith) would have even lost his seat. He added that Sajith is not like the others, and that he was capable of working 16 to 18 hours. He assured that there won’t be any corruption, fraud or theft under Premadasa.

The final rally attended by Presidential Candidate of the New Democratic Front Sajith Premadasa yesterday (November 12) was held in Kandy.  The public rally which was held in Mahaiyawa, Kandy was attended by many parliamentarians and ministers including Minister Lakshman Kiriella.

Speaking at the rally Sajith Premadasa said;

“There are many depositors who have been inconvenienced due to certain finance companies. The usual answer is that since these finance companies are not registered, the Government cannot bear responsibility. That is the answer that is given to these innocent depositors. Depositing money at an unregistered financial institution is wrong. But my friends, a Government cannot run away from problems. Those depositors are not foreigners. They are not American citizens but our very own citizens. We need to commit ourselves to rebuild these financial institutions with the help of new investors, even foreign investors. On the 16th, we will not form a Government that runs away from problems.”

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