CBK commends Sajith Premadasa’s manifesto

CBK commends Sajith Premadasa’s manifesto

CBK commends Sajith Premadasa’s manifesto

Written by Staff Writer

06 Nov, 2019 | 7:06 am

COLOMBO (News 1st):- The “Api Sri Lanka” Convention was held at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium in Colombo yesterday (November 5) under the auspices of former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga.

Speaking at this event, the former President says;

“What’s the decision we are going to make at this point of time? Instead of thinking about the people involved, we must decide based on the policy presented and who can implement these policies as promised. There are two main candidates today. Presidential candidates of the New Democratic Front and the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna have presented their manifestos. I read them carefully. In the manifesto and the speeches, Gotabaya Rajapaksa uses beautiful words. He uses a series of nice words. He promises freedom. I laughed. The most expensive roads in the world were built in this country under the Rajapaksa regime. I’d like to ask Presidential Candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa about journalists Lasantha Wickremetunge, Prageeth Ekneligoda and Keith Noyahr. I saw the plan of the other presidential candidate. He has a very successful plan.”

Speaking at the same convention, the former Minister of the SLFP, Kumara Welgama said:

“I’d like to say that it us who should safeguard the Sri Lanka Freedom Party. Those who switched parties only have come forward to protect the SLFP. We will continue this journey despite the challenges we face now and in the future. I can assure you that they will never hold disciplinary inquiries. They can’t do that. Because there are so many leaders who should be inquired into first. So don’t be afraid. This is our last chance. Im a good SLFPer. My personal vote will not be given to the SLPP. I can say it without any fear. We have to make a wise decision if we want to safeguard our party. I tell Dayasiri Jayasekara, if we get the real answer in this election, you will be the first person to be chased out of the party.” 

Meanwhile, some of the UPFA parliamentarians commented on this convention at several places yesterday (November 5).

UPFA MP, Dullas Alahapperuma says;

“King Siri Sangabo voluntarily sacrificed his head in the 3rd century in Attanagalla. In the 21st century, Madam Chandrika is forcefully sacrificing the head of Sri Lanka Freedom Party in Attanagalla. If the party named ‘Organization to Protect the SLFP’ is registered, I suggest you use the symbol of a gun. That is the most suited symbol. If you are planning to sell the SLFP to the UNP, that will be the most suitable symbol.” 

Also commenting on this matter, UPFA MP Ranjith Siyambalapitiya said;

“Like in 2015, the organizers who joined the SLFP are unfortunately very weak. 99% of them have been removed from the party. 99% of those who attended the convention today are from the UNP. If anybody holding a position attended the convention, he has violated the discipline of the party. The central working committee will do the needful today.” 

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