“Lagama Pasala Hondama Pasala” quick fix scam

“Lagama Pasala Hondama Pasala” quick fix scam

Written by Staff Writer

08 Sep, 2019 | 9:31 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st):- 500 Projects under the “Lagama Pasala Hondama Pasala” or the closest school is the best school concept will be vested with the students tomorrow (September 8). However, parents allege that a number of such buildings which is to be vested with the students under the auspices of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe are ones that are already being used by the students. The educational ministry said that 500 new projects incurring a cost of Rs. 10,000 mn was launched. The building at the Mahaweligama Primary School in Serunuwara Kantale which is to be vested with the students tomorrow was constructed 3 years ago. Parents charge that this building is already being used by the students.

Due to the poor standards under which the building was constructed cracks have started to appear on the walls, in order to prepare the building for reopening these cracks have been reportedly covered by workers. Due to the sudden renovation activities, academic activities have been carried out for over two years, were stopped. The Mahanama Vidyalaya in Thirappane, Anuradhapura is another project to be opened tomorrow (September 9) under these 500 projects. A playground, a canteen, a staff room, and other constructions are included in this project. Yet parents allege that these constructions are a threat to the lives of the students. Some of them state that students are at risk because they could even fall into these gaps between the playground and the drainage system which is 6ft.

The General Secretary of the Ceylon Teachers Union, Joseph Stalin said that they are going to have a grand scale opening ceremony for this and said that this would completely only be a waste of public funds. He further said that this only shows all this is part of their run-up for the Presidential elections. Stalin says that is a grave mistake because some of these buildings are just set up for the opening which in turns puts the lives of the children at risk. He continues to say that some of these buildings that were initially intended to have three floors have settled with just two floors to rush things up.

“Parents in Hatton and Walapana have been informed that it is mandatory for two people to participate in this event. What is this done for? Why are they forcibly bringing people here? When the mother and the father of the estate workers come here they do not even have Rs. 500 to live on. When both of them come who pays their daily wage” – states the General Secretary. He adds that the very government of good governance that came into power to put an end to all of this is now also putting up digital boards and banners all over the road.

Although the closest school is the best school project is a beautiful concept, is this how the parents and the children have been forced to reap the benefits of it?

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