Forensic audit report of SLC presented to Sports Secretary

Forensic audit report of SLC presented to Sports Secretary

Written by Staff Writer

06 Aug, 2019 | 9:03 pm

Colombo (News 1st): The Auditor General’s Department has presented the Forensic Audit report of Sri Lanka Cricket to the Secretary of the Ministry of Sports. Meanwhile, the SLC remains mum about the revelations regarding the broadcasting rights.

News 1st continuously reported on the financial fraud at Sri Lanka Cricket. It is now certain that US$ 187,084.75 due to Sri Lanka Cricket for the broadcasting rights had been debited to an American account.

The attempt to divert US$ 5.5 million for the broadcasting rights of the England Tour to another account stands out, among the many questionable actions at SLC. News 1st also revealed that inaccurate answers had been provided to a question raised in Parliament regarding the broadcasting rights of the Nidahas Trophy.

Providing answers, the Secretary of SLC Mohan De Silva had stated that US$ 35,910 had been paid to a company – Lagardère Sports for the services provided. However, News 1st reported that in addition, US$ 339,025 had been paid to Lagardère Sports as a commission payment.

SLC had taken measures to respond, through a media release, to a recent news report aired by News 1st. One could question as to whether the nadir terminology used in this particular press release was suitable for an institution like the SLC.

The bigger question however is, why is the SLC tight-lipped on all these allegations of massive scale corruption?

Shammi Silva, the President of SLC and his Secretary Mohan De Silva also continue to remain silent about all of this, which raises eyebrows.

What is the response of the officials attached to SLC regarding the attempt to divert US$ 5.5 million to a different account and the US$ 187,084.75 being debited into a US account?

A question to the SLC President Shammi Silva and Secretary Mohan De Silva.

Are you not showing the same interest to issue media releases and address and respond to these issues, like you have done on selective cases, because you are trying to protect those who are involved in these corrupt activities? 


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