Prima and Serendib increase the price of Wheat flour by Rs. 7

Prima and Serendib increase the price of Wheat flour by Rs. 7

Written by Staff Writer

16 Jul, 2019 | 9:58 pm

Colombo (News 1st): Prima and Serendib companies have announced it had increased the price of a kilogram of wheat flour by Rs. 07 with effect from today (July 16). The companies said all sales representatives island-wide have been informed in this regard.

The Prima Company said the price of a kilogram of wheat flour will increase by Rs. 8.50 with taxes in the market, although the company had decided to increase the price by Rs. 7. The companies said the prices were to be increased 7 months ago due to the depreciation of the rupees against the US Dollar.

National Organizer of the Organization to Protect Public Rights Asela Sampath noted the second attacks following the April attacks struck today by increasing the price of flour by Rs. 7. He went onto note that wheat flour is the main food of 80% of Sri Lanka and there is no government and there are no rules and regulations by the ministry.

He added that as the company increased the price by Rs. 7  prices of all food items will increase from tomorrow as more than Rs 300 million worth of wheat flour is consumed. He noted that as a result sales will also decrease which will result in the downfall of businesses.

Sampath noted that this affects the daily activities of the people of this country and requested all political parties to stand against the decision made by this organization and to bring these companies before the working committee.

He questioned; “Can they just increase prices as they please? Do they govern this country? Wheat flour is an essential item. Can these companies increase prices of these essential items?”

Chairman of the Organization to protect public rights Ranjith Vithanage said;

“The rulers back then instructed to take over the Prima Company in 20 years since 1977. But its been 42 years and the Prima Company has not been taken over by the government. They now act in a way they want. But it doesn’t look like the law is being enacted against this company. So we ask if its Ranil Wickremesinghe who is governing the country or if its the Prima Company. Or is the Prima Company who is being sponsored by Ranil Wickremesinghe governing this country.”

Meanwhile, All Ceylon Bakery Owners Association said action will be taken on the prices of their products with the increase of the price of wheat flour. He added that the price may increase by Rs. 3 to 4.


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