Weapons cache at Wellawaya: Public should be vigilant at this hour

Weapons cache at Wellawaya: Public should be vigilant at this hour

Weapons cache at Wellawaya: Public should be vigilant at this hour

Written by Staff Writer

13 May, 2019 | 8:56 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – The Sri Lanka Army and the Police have discovered a cache of weapons and ammunition buried in land in Kudaoya, Wellawaya.

The Army said it commenced the search at 11 pm yesterday (May 12) and discovered 02 repeater rifles, 02 shotguns, and a locally manufactured pistol. In addition, 592 shotgun shells, 342 bullets compatible with a T56 assault rifle and 75 M16 bullets were discovered.

Investigations revealed the land in question was leased in 2014 to a man identified as Mohamed Abdul.

It was revealed that two children randomly discovered a suspicious package in the plot of land and informed their parents. Two women who inspected the bag noted that they found weapons wrapped in a piece of cloth to their shock and contacted the police with the assistance of another person. However, when the police arrived the bag was nowhere to be found.

The police with the assistance of the Army went through the land and found the weapons cache.

A local noted that the land had signs of no trespassing hung and no one was allowed to access the property. The same resident noted that several residents had lived in the plot of land before and finally several Muslims would visit the plot of land from time to time in black and white vehicles to stay for 2-3 days. He said that they would feast on meat and entertain themselves with songs. He revealed that four days ago around 10 pm two vehicles arrived at the location. The local noted that his brother informed the police but to no avail and the police only arrived when their children discovered the suspicious package.

Meanwhile, the area named “Jungly Watta” includes a facility as an outdoor motel.

The owner of this property is a resident of Wellawatta and has been arrested in connection with the firearms discovered.

Evidently, the tri-Forces and the Police are working tirelessly to ensure the safety and the security of the general public as a number of suspects and weapons are arrested across the country.

The public vehemently condemns the politicians who attempt to exaggerate the current crisis and benefit their petty political agendas. The law must be enacted on such treacherous and shameless politicians.

The public must support the security forces to carry out their duties, in order to ensure a safer Sri Lanka.

The Prime Minister should be ashamed for believing in foreign security forces when the Sri Lankan security forces and the police are carrying out a yeoman service for the safety of our nation.


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