Safe houses and suspects linked to terror attacks uncovered

Safe houses and suspects linked to terror attacks uncovered

Written by Staff Writer

07 May, 2019 | 9:23 pm

Colombo (News 1st): Security Forces have uncovered details of safe-houses used by the terror group responsible for the April 21st attacks.

A man identified as Naufer Moulavi, believed to be the successor to Zahran Hashmi who led the terror group, was arrested by a Special Unit while at a rest-house in Dambulla. Accordingly, a total of 73 people linked to the multiple terror attacks are currently detained by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and the Terrorist Investigations Division (TID). Seven of the 54 suspects currently held by the CID and two of the 19 suspects currently held by TID are women. Zahran’s wife Abdul Cader Fathima and her daughter are currently in the custody of the Police.

Saudi Arabia arrested Moulana Rila, said to be the brother-in-law of the IS inspired bomber Zahran. Zahran’s sister Fasim Mathaniya was arrested with cash worth Rs. 2 million.

A person identified as Gaffoor said to be the driver of Zahran, is currently in custody, while the information provided by him has supported the security forces to uncover several crimes.

Meanwhile, the father and brother of Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Ilham Ahamed and Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Infaz Ahamed, the two brothers who carried out suicide attacks are currently in police custody.

Fathima Lathifa, Mohamed Euhaim Shaahid Abdul-Haq and Mohamed Euhaim Saadik Abdul-Haq, who were listed as wanted suspects are also in police custody.

An Imam by the name of Mohamed Imath Fakir, said to have influenced Zahran to carry out the attack, was arrested. It was revealed that the imam had visited Syria and had associated with IS militants.


In addition, security forces have discovered several safe-houses and facilities used by the terror groups in the Rideethenna, Dummalasuriya, Gampola, Nuwara Eliya, Ollikulam, Sainthamaruthu and Wanathavilluwa areas.


Security forces inspected a land at Rideethanna in Batticaloa and discovered 231 gelignite sticks and many barrels containing chemical substances.

Police Media Spokesperson SP Ruwan Gunasekara noted that they inspected a 25-acre land after it was revealed that it was used for various activities by the terror groups. He added that the owner of the land was arrested by the Valachchenai police and was thereafter handed over to the CID.


Investigation units suspect that the institute in the Dummalasuriya locality, where combat training is alleged to have taken place, was also used for terrorist activities.


Close relatives of Zahran who were directly involved in terrorist activities were among the group of individuals who exploded themselves in Sainthamaruthu, Ampara.


It was also revealed that the house located in Blackpool, Nuwara Eliya, was used to train terrorists.


Another two safe houses alleged to have been used to train terrorists and to coordinate activities was discovered in Ollikulam, Kattankudi.


The top floor of a shoe shop in Gampola which was used as a centre for preaching and lectures was discovered while inspecting the hideout of two suspects Euhaim Shahid Abdullah and Mohamed Euhaim Sadeq Abdullah, who were involved in the vandalizing of Buddhist statues in Mawanella.


On January 17th, this year a stock of explosives was discovered in Wanathavilluwa. Investigation units suspect that the coconut estate in the area was also used for terror activities.

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