No power cuts from 10th midnight : Minister Karunanayake assures the public

No power cuts from 10th midnight : Minister Karunanayake assures the public

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09 Apr, 2019 | 9:42 pm

Colombo (News 1st): It’s been 21 days since the people have been inconvenienced due to intermittent power cuts.


Peoples Voice

” They say that power cuts will be halted from the 10th of this month. All factories have been closed. There is no use in having a government. The government has failed to fulfil its responsibilities. The cabinet must resign from their respective positions.” 

“We are compelled to stop all work and stay at home. The MPs face no problems, as they receive petrol and vehicles free of charge.”

“If we fail to settle our electricity bills they disconnect power and charge a penalty fee. However, who will take responsibility for the damage caused to our products and equipment due to these power cuts.”

“The current prime minister claims that he made the country self-sufficient. However, an average local is finding it hard to pay for two yards of dress material. On top of that, they are cutting power and water.” 

“They speak of a ship that will generate power. But there is no ship and no power.”


Meanwhile, Minister of Power and Energy Ravi Karunanayake submitted a proposal regarding the long term purchasing of power, to the cabinet today (April 9). However, the cabinet paper was not approved as further consideration was required in this regard.

Minister Ravi Karunanayake noted that there is no further requirement to disconnect power, after power interruptions in the evening tomorrow. He added that they had to disconnect power due to the shortage in power supply, however, they have set up a power generation plan to address this power shortage.

He went onto note that this plan consists of a short term approach and it will take one and a half years to implement a permanent power generation program. Accordingly, the plan is cost-effective and steps have been taken to implement it with the minimum cost, said the Minister. He noted that what was purchased at Rs. 35 to 40, is now purchased by the CEB for half the price.

General Secretary of the Ceylon Electricity Workers’ Union Ranjan Jayalal noted that according to the PUCSL, approximately 350 megawatts is the deviation and this can be self-generated. He noted that when state and private institutions generate their own power, and if they are removed from the national grid, power can be purchased at a lower price and the electricity mafia will receive less, resulting in an over all profit.  He added that by the 10th of this month, many factories will close, and therefore there will be no power shortage, however, after the 20th these companies will resume operations.

The Ceylon Electricity Board says, during the prevailing power crisis, power generation will be at risk if the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation limits the supply of furnace oil. A senior officer of the CEB said that such a situation may arise in the face of high debt the CEB owes the CPC.

Agreement to build a floating power plant

A cooperation agreement to build a 100 MW floating solar energy power generating plant in Maduru Oya reservoir was signed today (April 9) at the President’s office. The agreement was signed before President Maithripala Sirirsena by Secretary to the Ministry of Power and Energy Suren Batagoda and Regional Director of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

The cabinet paper proposal for this project was put forward by the President as the Minister of Mahaweli Development and Environment, Ministry of Technology and Research and by the Ministry of Power and Energy.

According to the cooperation agreement, the floating solar power generating stations will be deployed in the reservoirs belonging to the Mahaweli Regions.

Ranjan speaks about Power Mafia

State Minister Ranjan Ramanayake said in public that a power mafia is taking place in the country. He noted that what is going on is Batagoda’s Mafia. He added that there were power cuts those days too and as a member of the COPE, an electricity mafia is a heinous act.

Ramanayake added that those who left the CEB build private power stations and sell electricity to the CEB. He said a situation has been created where these people will be cursed because of the burden shouldered by the general public and this is revenge.

The country has been in the dark for hours during the past 21 days. Representatives of the government now speak of a power mafia. Public transport sector was set to go on strike crippling the general public during the festive season.

In the end, the general public continues to suffer.

This is how an exemplary leader stood by the people and solved a similar problem when a group attempted to obstruct the lives of the general public

Why can’t the leaders of our country see the examples set by other world leaders?

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