Two children from Mahiyangana needs your help

Two children from Mahiyangana needs your help

Two children from Mahiyangana needs your help

Written by Staff Writer

18 Mar, 2019 | 8:44 am

COLOMBO (News 1st) – It is a known fact that all parents go through numerous difficulties to make a better future for their children. The world rarely gets to witness some who walk that extra mile. News 1st discovered a mother of this calibre in Mahiyangana.

The faces of 11 years old Gayathri Dilshani and 15 years old Methun Dilshan are not unfamiliar for those who travel at the Sorabora junction in Mahiyanganaya on a daily basis.

The joyous and cheerful world of these two children and their mother fell crashing down when they found out that their father was diagnosed with cancer. They did everything to save their father for 3-4 years unfortunately to no avail. All the expenses for his medication left them economically broken.

The mother works tirelessly so she could see her children would have a better life. In the morning she chops wood in order to prepare “Pol Rotti” so they can sell them at night. After the father passed away the mother had to take the responsibility at home. For this, she works labouriously.

In the morning, she chops wood and works tirelessly. She sells pol roti throughout the night for the children to get a better life. The children after attending school and other classes would assist their mother.

Soraborawewa Maha Vidyalaya, Principal T.B Samarakoon noted that the Gayathri Dilshani is a grade 6 student who actively participates in every school activity as much as her brother does. He added that it would be merciful to support them in their education.


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