No drugs at Parliament Medical center : MP Ranjith Zoysa

by Staff Writer 18-02-2019 | 5:17 PM
COLOMBO (News 1st) - Talking to the media UPFA MP Ranjith Zoysa said that a shortage of essential drugs prevails at the medical center at the parliament. The medical center serves the President, Prime Minister, 225 MPs and 1250 employees. MP Zoysa said that although one could debate that a parliamentarian has enough money to buy medicines from outside, the need to facilitate this requirement at the parliament is important as the country is managed from this center. He continued to question the status of hospitals and the facilities that are located hundreds of miles away from Colombo. Parliamentarian Ranjith Zoysa noted that there is a drug shortage to treat illnesses such as rabies although the government boasts about a Ministry of Health that has worldwide recognition.