Careless driving and ignorance to handle an accident victim led to death at Katugastota

Careless driving and ignorance to handle an accident victim led to death at Katugastota

Careless driving and ignorance to handle an accident victim led to death at Katugastota

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18 Feb, 2019 | 9:36 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – A three-wheeler driver was killed in a motor accident that took place this morning(February 18) at Katugastota junction.

The three-wheeler which was travelling towards Kandy from Katugastota collided with a SUV travelling in the opposite lane.

The CCTV footage shows that after the accident the driver of the three-wheeler was sitting on the pavement. He seemed dazed.

According to the time stamp on the CCTV footage, it took over 10 minutes for the patient to be taken to the hospital following the accident. The victim was taken to the hospital in the same SUV that was involved in the accident.

Although the Katugastota hospital is located about 500m away from the location of the accident, it has been revealed that the patient had been taken to the Kandy General Hospital.

Director General of the Kandy General Hospital, Dr Saman Ratnayake said that the driver of the three-wheeler had already succumbed to his injuries on the way to the hospital.

The post mortem revealed that the cause of death was due to a cut on the neck.

Health authorities point out the importance of taking an accident victim to a hospital as soon as possible.

Pushpa Ramyani Soyza, Chief Nursing Officer of the National Hospital noted that the first 10 minutes of an accident is crucial and is also known as platinum time. She said that within the first 10 minutes of an accident it could lead to the death of brain cells due to the lack of blood circulation and oxygen. If it were to continue up to 12 minutes it could result in total brain death. She added that it is absolutely necessary to apply pressure near the wound using a tie, a belt or a handkerchief if the victim is bleeding heavy.

News 1st team reached SP Indika Hapugoda, Director of Traffic Admin and Road Safety regarding this matter.

He noted that the patient bled to death as he was not taken to the hospital on time. He said that it is mandatory for the traffic police officer in charge of the vicinity to arrive and evaluate the situation. He added that the police officer is well instructed and if necessary he could call in the police ambulance of the division. If in case the ambulance is not available anyone can call the closest ambulance via 1990 and take the patient to the hospital.

The deceased is Ranjith Sampath, a 42-year-old resident of Gohagoda. The daughter of the deceased mentioned that she usually travels with her father but on the day of the accident (February 18) her father had left early.

The SUV that was involved in the accident has been brought to the Katugastota police station and the driver has been arrested. Police said that he has been remanded until the 26th of this month.

The body of the deceased has been handed over to the relatives.

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