Why did Vigneswaran leave the TNA?

Why did Vigneswaran leave the TNA?

Why did Vigneswaran leave the TNA?

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31 Jan, 2019 | 9:10 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – Court of Appeal judge Janaka De Silva said that the decision pertaining to the contempt of court case filed against former chief minister of the Northern Province C.V. Vignesvaran and two others will be issued on the 13th of February.

The case has been filed citing that the former Chief Minister was in contempt of court due to his alleged refusal to adhere to the decision given by the Court of Appeal on the 29th of June 2018 to reinstate V. Daneeshwaram as a provincial minister. C.V Vigneshwaran, P. Sivanehsan, and Anandi Shashidaran have been named as respondents of this case.

Is TNA a part of the current government?

Responding to media inquiries on whether the TNA has become a stakeholder of the current Government, Vigneswaran said that the main reason why he had left the TNA and formed a new party was because of such behaviour by the TNA.

Vigneswaran added that the issues of those people that have been left unresolved for years should be provided with a solution.

What happens to the new constitution?

Commenting on the new constitution, C. V. Vigneswaran said that although the government always make promises to the Tamil community to gain certain benefits when the Sinhalese community opposes the idea the government rejects such claims.

He said that they are in need of a new constitution because their issues have not yet been resolved.

Is Vigneswaran willing to accept a unitary state?

Speaking on the matter of a unitary state he said that he will not accept such a thing because it calls for Sinhalese administration on the properties belonging to the people of the North. He also said that this is the reason they request for all provincial councils to be empowered to act within their limits and be provided with sufficient power adding that this request is being misinterpreted.

Will there be no devolution of power under the new constitution?

The Former Chief Minister of the Northern province said that various statements are made to deceive the people and said that the term Oramiththanadu means a united country and not a unitary government or state. He added that it is this term that is been used to deceive the people.

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