Prime Minister avoids Vasudeva’s questions

Prime Minister avoids Vasudeva’s questions

Written by Staff Writer

24 Jan, 2019 | 11:25 am

Colombo (News1st):  The method of raising questions was subject to a debate in parliament yesterday (Jan 23) when UPFA MP Vasudeva Nanayakkara noted that the Prime Minister is yet to respond to several questions imposed on him on Wednesday and Thursday during the second session of the council.

He noted that he was expecting answers from the prime ministers yesterday (Jan 23) for the questions that were raised by him. Since he has not received any form of response he questioned the speaker as to whether the procedure has currently been stopped.

In response to these questions, Leader of the House Lakshman Kiriella said the MP can raise questions the following day  (Jan 24) and the Prime Minister will provide an answer. MP Nanayakkara noted that this question has been sent to the Prime Minister in a written format, however, he has still not responded.

Kiriella and the speaker reiterated that MP Nanayakkara will be given the opportunity to raise the question during the first session.

Kiriella said the method of raising questions was halted during the period the government was forcefully taken over. However, he noted that this method has now been restored.

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