Why is SLC paying hefty salary to Chandika Hathurusinghe?

Why is SLC paying hefty salary to Chandika Hathurusinghe?

Why is SLC paying hefty salary to Chandika Hathurusinghe?

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21 Jan, 2019 | 10:38 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st): The contract reached between the Head coach of Sri Lanka Cricket and the SLC during the term former SLC chairman Thilanga Sumathipala, has now come to light. According to the contents of the contract, the current Head Coach receives a very high salary and other benefits.

The contract of Chandika Hathurusinghe starts from January 1, 2018, and ends on December 31, 2020 – during which he will receive a massive US$ 20,000 (~ Rs 3.6mn) as a monthly salary – on top of a monthly living allowance of US$ 10,000 (~Rs 1.8mn).

It also states “During the term, should there be any increment in the tax liability over and over a maximum of 16% by any law or regulation which comes into effect nationally, SLC will pay such increased tax over and above 16% on behalf of the coach”

According to the contract, Mr. Hathurusinghe also receives an additional US$ 120,000 per annum as a re-positioning/ strategic planning/consultancy fee. The contract also says: “should any payment be late, then interest on late payments shall accrue at the rate of 2% of the outstanding amount per months and be cumulative and added to the previous month’s outstanding amount.”

“SLC shall pay/reimburse the coach, up to a maximum sum of US$ 20,000 each year in respect of air travel expenses of the coach, his spouse/partner/immediate family.”

Thereby, the National Head Coach of the Sri Lankan Cricket team, Chandika Hathurusinghe, receives a sum close to Rs. 7.5 million a month and around Rs. 90 million annually.

The CEO of SriLankan Airlines received a salary of only Rs.3.2 million. What service has Chandika Hathurusingha carried out in return, for the betterment of the national cricket team, after obtaining a salary and other benefits to the tune of Rs. 90 million a year?

Meanwhile, it has also been revealed that Kamal Padmasiri, the competent authority of SLC appointed by President’s Counsel and the former Minister of Sports Faiszer Mustapha, had extended the contracts of the COO and CEO of SLC until December 31, 2021. Padmasiri, who is a government employee, has granted these extensions in a situation where there was no functioning Executive Committee that had been voted in. It is questionable as to whether a ministry secretary, functioning as the competent authority, has the legal power to grant such extensions.

Who will be held responsible for these various misappropriations that have taken place during the time of former Sports minister PC Faizser Mustapha?

Is this the service that has been carried out by the former minister?

Shouldn’t these large amounts of money that have been wasted be reacquired from those who have approved and reached these unfavorable contracts?

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