General election; a permanent solution for the present crisis

General election; a permanent solution for the present crisis

Written by Staff Writer

06 Dec, 2018 | 8:29 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – Keerthi Tennakoon the executive director of the campaign for a free and fair election commented on the current political situation of the country at a media briefing held today (December 06).

Tennakoon said that the decisions made by the President are at the juncture of the present conflict and one of the main reasons for the country to be dragged into the current situation. He continued to say that the actions of the Speaker, Former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, and Mahinda Rajapaksa were also reasons for the worsening of the situation.

Keerthi Tennakoon said that the speaker, prime minister, the president and the Minister of Provincial Councils Faiszer Mustapha had promised to hold the provincial council elections by March or April this year. Adding that although 15 months have passed after the promise was made, the provincial council elections have still not been held and that out of the nine provincial councils, six provinces are being run by unelected state officials.

Tennakoon added that taking all these matters into consideration there is no better solution than a general election to resolve the matter permanently.

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